My First Reiki!

April 1, 1997 – My First Reiki!

To my surprise, Anne Pera, R. N., the massage therapist at Marin Radiation Oncology was a Reiki healer, as well. So I opted for a Reiki session which lasted about thirty-five minutes. I had planned to take a short walk after the healing, but I needed to lie down instead. The Reiki session seemed to realign my energy field, especially around my knees and bladder. Anne felt more inclined to work on my back side for she was able to feel the energy more cleanly.

My meditation has taken a slightly new twist today. It has transformed to, “Breathing in, I’m healing myself. Breathing out, I’m free of cancer,” or “healthy… free!”

I was able to solve my bug this morning! Now I’m off on another one!


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