The 7 Strategies to Help YOU Survive

7 principles v3BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE: Take a stand and be in control of your healing experience. Don’t just roll over and let the medical establishment run over you.

INVESTIGATE ALTERNATIVES: There is a magical world of alternative therapies that will further your healing and give you a sense of well-being on your journey to wellness.

MAKE HEALTH-PROMOTING LIFESTYLE CHANGES: These will include your opting for healthy dietary choices and energizing exercises.

PRACTICE DAILY MEDITATION: Tune into yourself to discover your body sensations, thoughts, and feelings.

CREATE YOUR OWN MEDICAL TEAM: Look for experts who know both Eastern and Western methods so that you can get the widest range of medical support.

REACH OUT TO OTHERS: Ask your family and friends for support and join a support group to share your healing challenges and experiences.

GIVE BACK: When you are ready, you will find joy and meaning in helping other people and giving back to your community.