April 2, 1997 – Gratitude

I spent most of the day today at NGC. The first person I saw when I arrived was my first boss and now Vice President of the whole Tools division, M. H. We spoke for about fifteen minutes, in which I explained my condition, and he congratulated me on the good bug fixing I had been doing. Then I felt motivated to express my gratitude for all the company has done for me since I became ill. I mentioned my boss and G. G., the chief technical officer. M. H. responded with such respect and grace that I was deeply moved. I am blessed to be working for such a forward looking company – one who takes pride in their employees, no matter what their physical condition.

I had lunch with my boss, and treated him for his kindness and generosity. I met with several other employees that I work with and by 3:00, I was so exhausted that I needed to leave. On the way home and on the way there, I listened to tapes by Thich Nhat Hanh.

At night, we went to a free preview of the movie, The Saint. It was fun, but a little much for one day yet.


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