Off to Florida

March 31, 1997 – Off to Florida

My oldest daughter is off to Florida today with her best friend and her best friend’s mother. My youngest has plans for the whole week. Just after she left, J. W., from my enneagram group was in Sausalito and stopped by to see me. We spent quite a long time together, reviewing each other’s cancer treatments. She’s reached to turning point in her cure and was very encouraging about my current status.

Unfortunately, the rawness inside my body continued to haunt me most of the day, but I tried to take a short walk and spend a few minutes in the sun with Itzzy. He was comforting and of great help when I needed to be taken to bed. We had a few quality moments of time together, as I could tell he was concerned.

Anna Halprin’s class was again taught by her students. It was another great class, and my drawing was a “magic circle.” I barely had enough energy to move, however.


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