Cancer Resources

Don't Ignore Your Suffering
Don’t Ignore Your Suffering – Thich Nhat Hanh

Here are the cancer resources we want to share, in no special order:

  1. Mindfulness in Healing

  2. Meditation Practices and Cancer

  3. Focused Ultrasound Foundation: Home

  4. and Chapter 19: GcMAF Therapy Guidelines – The GcMAF Book

  5. The Truth About Cancer

  6. Mind Stories Helped Cure Cancer

  7. A Cancer Cure – Gerson Therapy

  8. Meditation Helps Cure Cancer

  9. What Happened To Medical Choice?

  10. What’s Wrong With Our Healthcare System

  11. CBD Rich Strains – Synergy Wellness

  12. TrueNorth Health Center

  13. Marin Natural Medicine Clinic

These are enough to get you started. Let me know if you have any questions.

May you be safe from internal and external harm.
May you have a calm, clear mind and a peaceful, loving heart.
May you be strong, healthy, and vital.
May you experience love, joy, wonder, and wisdom in this life, just as it is!

Stop Cancer In Its Tracks

How to Embrace Mindfulness in Healing so that Healthy Cells Grow All by Themselves when You Allow for Healing and Well-being to Take Place

This Book Focuses on How to

  • unlock your mind’s ability to heal your body
  • explore alternatives to gold standard medical practices
  • consistently generate better ideas about your health care
  • practice mindful meditation like you want
  • be your own advocate for your treatment plan
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Stop Cancer In Its Tracks
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