Starve Your Cancer

This Ted Talk by Dr. William Li talks about how to starve your cancer by controlling angiogenesis – the formation of blood vessels. Dr. Li is the President and Medical Director of The Angiogenesis Foundation.

We all have microscopic cancers in our bodies. Without blood vessels, the cancer cannot survive.

Anti-angiogenesis drugsAntiangiogenic Therapy cuts off the blood supply to tumor cells. It differs from chemotherapy because it targets the blood vessels feeding cancer. Avastin is used to treat breast cancer.

Diet is responsible for 30 to 35% of environmental cancers.

Can you eat to starve your cancer? The answer is, “Yes.” The following foods are mentioned in the talk.

The crucial first (and best) step: Eating cancer-fighting foods that cut off the supply lines and beat cancer at its own game.

  • resveratrol – found in grapes – inhibits angiogenesis.
  • strawberries have ellagic acid
  • genistein – and extract from soy beans
  • teas – Earl Grey, Dragon Pearl Jasmin, and Sencha. The blend of Sencha plus Jasmin has the highest anti-angiogenic potency index, an example of food synergy.
  • parsley
  • berries
  • lycopene from cooked tomatoes

This antiangiogenesis diet also works with fat and obesity.

What can we do for ourselves to prevent or treat cancer? One thing for certain is to eat the foods recommended in this video.

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