Update through 2003

I am looking over the website today and correcting any broken links. I thought I would take this opportunity to record my progress over the past three years.

All of my children are home for Thanksgiving and it is wonderful to have everyone here. Micah lives in New York City is doing quite well. Rachael lives in San Diego and is in her third year of college. She is studying architecture, which she has been talking about since she was seven!. Jessica is in Eugene, Oregon, where she studies journalism.

All of my health reports have been outstanding since the last entry. I had an MRI last April, but it was negative. Other than this, there hasn’t even been a scare. Many consider that I have been cured.

In October, 2002, I was laid off from Network Associates. After my trip to India in 2000 (see above), I proceeded to train around three dozen Indian programmers in Dallas. Network Associates subsequently opened an R&D center in Bangalor and eliminated my job.

I almost immediately got a job at WildPackets, doing basically the same kind of work with network protocols. When Bush went into Iraq, WildPackets had many cancellations and so they cancelled my job.
I’ve been working on packet analysis for NetPredict
since September, 2000, but they are also struggling.
I guess the most significant project I’ve been working on is the website for Jewels by Mala. The site is based on osCommerce, and I like the results. Please let me know what you think.


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