The Day of Reckoning!

This morning, I had a powerful and healing massage from Gail Teehan in preparation for my cystoscopic examination this afternoon.  Gail was really on today with her energy work as well as her massage technique.  I think she gets better with each treatment.

In spite of this, I faced the cystoscopy with great fear of the unknown, and my fears were merely based on wrong perceptions on what actually occurred.  The nurse inserted a local anesthetic in my penis and ten minutes later, Dr. Neuwirth inserted the cystoscope.  The cystoscope consisted of a light through which he could see into the bladder, and channels for flushing fluids through.  The good news is that he did not see any visible cancer, but the wash had to be sent off to the lab for a cytology examination.  We’ll know the results by Monday.


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