I spent most of the day with Gail Teehan, as we had to rehearse our presentation of Mindfulness and ART in Healing for Wednesday. Our meeting was full of joy and excitement, because we felt so good about what we were planning to do. Our long range plans include forming a non-profit corporation to apply for grants to present our workshop so that cancer patients aren’t burdened with the additional expense of the workshop. We also spoke about how Gail’s experience with various artistic media would fit naturally into the creative aspects of the workshop.

The workshop combines mindfulness as a healing practice with guided imagery, movement, and various forms of creative activity to encourage a powerful healing energy to evolve from within. More information about this workshop will be posted to our web site shortly. The agenda we decided on for the presentation on Wednesday includes the following:

  1. Invocation to bind the group together
  2. Check-in of all the participants
  3. Guided mindfulness meditation
  4. Opening to the breath exercises, maintaining mindfulness
  5. A Feldenkrais awareness through movement segment done on chairs
  6. If we have time, we’ll have them produce some art work based on their experience of the day
  7. Sharing
  8. Closing

I’m getting really excited about this!


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