One Memorial Day!

Today, I’m finally starting to feel better! The effects of the chemo seem less and I am in a better mood. I’ve been reading Timeless Healing by Dr. Herbert Benson, who is credited with discovering the “relaxation response.” The book is aimed at convincing the medical profession that self-care should be an important part of healing, and that we all have “remembered wellness.”  He also points out the value of spiritual beliefs in terms of how quickly and how well someone can recover.

I have devoted much of the morning to my meditation practice, “healthy… free!” I seem to be able to keep the awareness of the in breath and the out breath in the background of my consciousness, even while sleeping (sometimes), but there seems to be something going on in the foreground that escapes my awareness. I notice the impermanence of the various thoughts and emotions as the pass through the foreground of my consciousness, but I’m not sure where this is supposed to lead.


Timeless Healing - The Power and Biology of Belief

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