Good Feedback!

Gail Teehan and I had lunch with Leslie Davenport today to discuss her
thoughts about our workshop last Wednesday. Her reaction was excitingly
positive! She thought that the guided mindfulness meditation was wonderful,
and she even wanted to use some of what I said in her guided imagery practice!
As far as the Feldenkrais lesson was concerned, her only criticism was
that Gail taught the lesson from a script, and it would have gone over
better if she had memorized the movements. Gail accepted this comment with
grace and charm, and the willingness to do so.

Since my wife was returning this evening, I wanted to make it somewhat
special! I cleaned the house with the help of my daughter and bought her
some roses. I even offered to make dinner for her, but she had had enough
food over the past three days! It was nice to have her home again, and
after apologizing profusely for all the mistakes I made, she seemed to
settle into being home again.


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