All Things are Impermanent!

April 18, 1997 – All Things are Impermanent!

Today was rather a strange day. I was supposed to play tennis at 8:30 A. M., but the ground was wet, so we postponed it to 10:00 A. M. By 10:00, the courts had not dried, so tennis was cancel led. By now, I was going over some bugs with a colleague at work, and by the time we finished our conversation, it was too late to go to Leslie’s group. So I settled into work until about 1:45, when my wife called to tell me she was having car trouble and I needed to pick up the girls. So, off to the tennis courts I went for just about an hour! At last!

I didn’t take time to relax this afternoon. I got caught up in computer stuff and now it’s dinner time! I guess I won’t make Anna Halprin’s open house this evening.


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