Seven Principles of Mindfulness in Healing

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The Seven Principles of Mindfulness in Healing are the fruit of my recovery from 18 years of living with cancer and 45 years of meditation. They are made explicit in my book,

“Healing With the Seven Principles Of Mindfulness:
How To Thrive And Succeed In A Complex Cancer System

BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE: Take a stand and be in control of your healing experience. Don’t just roll over and let the medical establishment run over you.

INVESTIGATE ALTERNATIVES:   There is a magical world of alternative therapies that will further your healing and give you a sense of well being on the journey to wellness.

MAKE HEALTH-PROMOTING LIFESTYLE CHANGES: These will include opting for healthy dietary choices and energizing exercises

PRACTICE DAILY MEDITATION: Tune into yourself to discover your body sensations, thoughts, and feelings

REACH OUT TO OTHERS: Ask family and friends for support and join a support group to share healing challenges and experiences.

CREATE YOUR OWN MEDICAL TEAM: Look for experts who know both Eastern and Western methods to get the widest range of medical support.

GIVE BACK: When you are ready, you will find joy and meaning in helping other people and giving back to your community.

Copyright © 1997, 2014, Dr. Jerome Freedman, Ph. D.


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