“I’m Amazed at How Well the Body Can Heal Itself”

March 6, 1997 – “I’m Amazed at How Well the Body Can Heal Itself”

Last night, I felt a little anxious as I went to bed. I felt that I hadn’t done enough for my treatment during the day and needed some more time to work on myself. I came downstairs to listen to a tape by Dr. Bernie Siegel called Meditations for Enhancing Your Immune System. After listening to the tape for 25 minutes or so, I found myself moved to tears. It was the first time I had really cried since the beginning of this episode. I couldn’t get a fix on what made me cry or why I was crying. The whole thing is just so emotional that you can’t help but be moved.

I attended another Cancerport group this morning, but I didn’t have much to say about my own situation. However, I did advise one young man to seek alternative therapies as a way of enhances his chances of recovery. I told another man about my son’s kidney cancer and he seemed hopeful. All in all, it was a good group and I felt at peace.

In the afternoon, I took a walk and stopped by to see D. S., who has been battling ovarian cancer since 1991. She told me about her treatments and had one major comment that we should all be aware of, “I am amazed at how well the body can heal itself!”

That night, we had a meeting of our evolutionary circle at T. W.’s house. R. and J. did not make it, but this did not detract from the value of the meeting. B. M. and T. W. both got to speak their truth and I spent a lot of time sharing what was has been happening with me. I described all of the healers I’ve been seeing and told them about some of my best experiences. T. W. had oral cancer, from which she is recovered, and she is also writing a book about her experiences, and how cancer changed her life. She read her preface, which was very helpful for me.

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Meditations for Enhancing Your Immune System by Siegel M.D., Bernie

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