Health Update

I want to update you on my progress in healing.

I’ve decided on the road not taken. This means that the radical cystectomy (complete removal of the bladder, prostate, and some lymph nodes) recommended by Dr. Meng and most other doctors is for now being rejected.

I am going to have a cystoscopy tomorrow, May 8 at 2:00PM. Dr. Meng will look inside my bladder to see what the status is. Your prayers for his finding nothing to be concerned about are invited and welcome.

I came to this decision within three weeks after seeing Dr. Meng and having the chemo stopped. I was leaning in this direction for a long time and finally took this step after seeing Dr. Roger Morrison – an MD and homeopath we have known since the girls were little. His gentle compassion and deep insight moved both Mala and me deeply. He gave me a homeopathic remedy that I have been taking for 2 ½ weeks. I don’t know if it is working.

My meditation practices have kept me focused on healing throughout this whole period. I am still a little anemic from the chemo, but getting better and better every day.

I really appreciate all your love and support and look forward to your calls and visits. Thank you from the depths of my heart.


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