Healing Circle

Alter at the Freedmans
Alter at the Freedmans

On January 5, 2014, eight friends, my wife, and daughter gathered around me for a healing circle and Indian curry dinner.

The ceremony was led by two wonderful friends. Ramona is a Kundalini Yoga teacher who I’ve been close friends with since 1988. Clare is a magical lady who has performed many rituals to celebrate life with all kinds of people, including my wife’s 60th birthday.

The healing circle was preceded by the showing of two healing documentaries: Mind Stories Helped Cure Cancer, and 3 Minute Cancer Cure. Everyone was deeply moved by Micah’s story.

These set the stage for a four part ceremony. The first three stages took place with me lying on the floor and everyone else around me.

The first part was a silent channeling of energy. similar to the 3 Minute Cancer Cure. It was extremely moving for me to feel the love and healing pouring in.

The second part was really beautiful as well. Clare offered each participant a candle to light and invited everyone to offer a prayer or loving kindness blessings to me and the gathered friends.

Each candle was special to me. Many made me cry with tears of joy and I could really feel the love. Others, like Ramona, made me laugh out loud. I felt safe and secure, strong and healthy, and accepted and loved. WOW!

The third part was a kirtan (holy chants) led by Ramona. One of them was waheguru. Waheguru is the Gurmantra or primary Mantra. It refers to the Almighty God; the Creator; the Supreme Soul; the Sustainer; etc.

We chanted together, and I was blessed to be in the middle of everyone.

We concluded the ceremony with the dedication of merit standing around the alter in the photo above. We chanted,

May the merit of our practice benefit all beings and bring peace.

Then eight of us sat down to a wonderful dinner.


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