Appendix 4 Questions for Don Alejandro

  1. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in late January. I’ve had chemotherapy and radiation in an effort to save my bladder. My current treatment plan calls for surgery next week to determine if there is any cancer left in my bladder followed by chemotherapy and radiation in about a week to ten days after the surgery. In addition, I have visited many other healers and have taken part in guided imagery, meditation, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, support groups, Feldenkrais, massage, supplements, and many other activities designed to help myself heal from cancer. Can you please tell me how effective this program has been?
    • If my program has been effective, can you help me keep the cancer out of my body?
    • If my program has not been effective, can you help remove the cancer entirely?
  2. Has the cancer spread to other parts of my body? If so, can you help me remove it?
  3. Do you know of any herbs or natural medicines that I can take to prevent recurrence of cancer?
  4. Are there any foods I should eat or avoid to prevent the recurrence of cancer?
  5. Since having the chemotherapy, I have not been able to sleep too well. Can you do something that will help me sleep through the night?
  6. After playing tennis or walking for a long time, my knees and/or my lower back hurt. Can you help me heal these wounds?
  7. Do you see any other physical, emotional or mental problems that you can help me heal right now?
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