The 2013 Episode

Welcome to those of you who have been invited to view this page and other pages related to the 2013 Episode.

What is the 2013 episode?

I have a new muscle invasive bladder cancer that revealed itself at the end of 2013.

Throughout the ensuing period, my mindfulness practice has kept me positive and open to new possibilities. By now, three months have passed and mindfulness remains my true home and my refuge.

I am convinced that I will be able to maintain a mindful attitude, no matter what happens.

Here are the events that have occurred to date. I’ll try to keep my comments brief.

On this day, November 21,2013, I had a cystocopic exam by Dr. Neuwirth, my urologist of 17 years. I like to have my exams just before Thanksgiving so I can relate the good news to my family and friends.

Dr. Neuwirth did not see anything at all! We celebrated together.


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