Let The Treatment Begin

On January 31, 2014, we met with Dr. Gullion. Remember, he is the oncologist who wears a heart pin on his shirt.

It was a bitter-sweet meeting, as both of us hoped I was cured.

Anyway, we discussed my situation and decided to begin treatment on February 5.

With Susan’s advice, I decided to have acupuncture with Dr. Marty Rossman each day before the chemo infusion. I am responding well to these treatments.

The first day of chemo on February 5, 2014 lasted 7.5 hours! I had cisplatin,  gemcitabine, and lots of anti-nausea drugs.

I spent the first hour meditating and then began the process of hydrating myself to minimize the effect of the chemotherapy agents.

I was visited by friends and even took a couple of walks around the atrium of the building.

All in all, things went quite well, except at night. Because of the dexamethasone in the drip – one of the anti-nausea drugs, I was up all night. I meditated. I wrote. I read. I did everything but sleep. Weird!

The herbs and supplements recommended by Michael Broffman arrived by special messenger (Carolyn) and I begen taking them with the kitchari Rachael had made.


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