Appendix 1 Questions for Dr. Neuwirth

1.) Surgery

a.) bladder sparing

b.) bladder replacement

2.) Radiation

3.) Chemotherapy

Questions about current state:

1.) Was the muscle involved? yes

2.) What is the grade of the tumor? highly active

3.) What is the location of the tumor? on the base of the bladder near the urethra

4.) Was there one tumor or satellites? no

Question about radical surgery:

1.) What are the complications at surgery?

2.) How much infection or bleeding will take place?

3.) How well does the new bladder work?

4.) What is the frequency of urination?

5.) What is the incidence of kidney infection? How good are the valves at keeping infection from going up into the kidneys?

Questions about partial surgery (removing the diseased portion):

1.) What are the statistics on survival?

2.) What are the statistics on recurrence?

3.) How likely is it to get a similar tumor in the bladder within 5-10 years from now?

Are there any other alternatives?

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