A Pot To Pee In

I started my second cycle of chemotherapy this morning with two hours of hydration, anti-nausea drugs, and gemcitabine. In order to qualify to receive the gemcitabine, I had to produce more urine. The nurses have been collecting my urine all day to insure I was fully hydrated. So don’t say to me, “You don’t have a pot to pee in!”

Point Lobos - China CoveNow rather cisplatin is dripping and I’ve been thinking about the wonderful three days we had in Carmel on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. We spent most of our waking time in beautiful Point Lobos and eating. Mala would walk around town when I rested.

The most unsatisfying news today I had was that my white cells blood count is low. Now I have come in for three days of neupogen shots to increase my white blood count.

Visitors were plentiful and I enjoyed them all. Judy came with news of her trip followed later by Mala with lunch, Jane with grapes, and Carolyn.

Carolyn walked with me on the path to catch up with Mala who was walking with Jane and her dog.

I was happy and grateful for the company and the end of the first treatment in the second cycle.

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