Visiting J. B.

February 22, 1997 – Visiting J. B.

The first thing I did this morning was to fire off an email message to John Gray. Hopefully, he’ll write back or phone me. His daughter will be in middle school with mine next year!

I spent a large part of the morning and early afternoon working on the Sniffer and making copies of video tapes. I have mentioned that I had viewed two Nova episodes that we recorded sometime last week, and a lady at Cancerport on Thursday wanted to see them. I also made several copies of the In Search of … Faith Healing that my son appeared on to distribute to the various cancer support libraries around the county. My son will convert segment about him to a Quicktime movie and I’ll post it on this web site as soon as it becomes available.

Can the power of the mind cure cancer?

One of the nicest things to happen today was my visit with J. B. She had surgery last Monday and is doing fine. However, a friend of hers is having difficulty with lung cancer and J, feels that she would benefit from guided imagery. I offered to train her and J. thought this would really work out fine for her friend financially. So, we’ll see what happens when I re-launch my career as a guided imagery teacher! J. also gave me updated wallet photos of Meher Baba, who originated the affirmation, “Don’t worry, be happy!” I have carried one of these cards in my wallet for the last twenty-five to thirty years. Her husband makes annual journeys to India to visit his ashram.

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